Recipe Book

Do you have family recipes stored on notecards and scraps of paper? Would you like to be able to easily tell which of your recipes are Lenten or correspond to a specific feast? Would you like to be better able to convert your non-fasting recipes that are measured out in grams or ounces, into recipes you can actually use and understand?

Then look no further than My Orthodox Recipe Book! This book includes over 75 pages for you to write in your own recipes and rid yourself of loose bits of paper and the hassle of searching through your many Pinterest boards for a single recipe. This recipe book also includes the dates of the major fasts and feasts of the Orthodox Church, as well as a handy substitution guide, so that any recipe you choose can be made, whether it's Lent or you just forgot to buy eggs. There is also a conversion table so that you can easily convert your Eastern European relatives decades old recipe, that was measured in grams or ounces, into cups.

The book currently comes in one style, and four different colors.