September 2023

Hello Dear Readers,

If you were not already aware, I  have put myself on hiatus. My desires to tackle too many projects have left me burnt out and lacking in many areas that need my focus. 

This was made apparent to me when I received word back from the publisher. While they believe my story has great potential, but I still have work to do on it before it is published. So, I have been rejected, if only for the time being. I am grateful for it, as it was the nicest rejection I could have possibly received. And it contained everything I needed to hear, which was simply "not yet". 

Before I even received this news, I had prayed on it. I knew if an outcome such as this came about that I would refocus myself. And that is my aim at this time. 

It also came at a rather fortuitous time, as a writers guild has been established by myself and several of my Orthodox friends and God-family. I hope it will aid me practically and spiritually.

But, what does all of this mean for you, dear reader? It means I may not be updating you as often or uploading blog posts as often. I apologize for this, but my books are my priority, and I would much rather you read a series of well thought-out books as opposed to my one-off blog posts and random musings.

I do not know when I will speak with you all again, but in the meantime, please pray for me.


M. J. Helianth

About the Author

M. J. Helianth was born an adult and has since grown up into a very stern child. She spends her time poking holes in things, singing what she sees, and tripping into waterfalls. She can often be found under the roofs of friends’ homes, in the halls of churches, or in the hearts of those who love and support her.

She seeks out new things and invisible worlds. She believes there is truth in every good story. Her journeys and the friends she has met along the way inspire her writing.