Casa de Piatra

He gave me a rock

That reminded him of my eyes

With its many gradations

And striations


While it's beauty varied

It never waned

He gave me a rock

That glittered in the sunlight

Because, to him,

I, too, reflect the light

That is shone upon me

He gave me a rock

That he found inside his shoe

It was nagging

But constant

And he found that the discomfort he was faced with

Actually made him stand taller

I have not reciprocated

For how can I

A pebble

Gift him the entire firmament 

Of this earth

For he is my foundation

Upon whose infallibility I stand

I am but a rock upon a mountain top 

A house built upon his stone

A poem dedicated to my husband who, without his unwavering love and support, I would not be able to function, much less write.

"Casa de Piatra" is a common Romanian phrase meaning "house of stone", and is often said to newlyweds, encouraging them to build a strong foundation for their marriage.