May 2023

Hello Dear Readers,

I apologize for my absence over the past two months. I am slowly gearing up to submit my first, full length book to a publisher. You can learn more about it under Adventures of a Volent. Please pray for me as I continue to improve my writing.

Along with my book series, I have been  working on some short stories and poetry, some of which I have submitted to magazines. I hope to inform you soon as to whether or not they have been published.

Finally, I uploaded a new blog post. It is a Lenten reflection, and I intended to publish it closer to Pascha, but my time has been demanded in other arenas of my life. I hope it is still as edifying now, as we approach the Apostles Fast.

I pray you all are doing well, and hope to have exciting news for you all soon.


M. J. Helianth

About the Author

M. J. Helianth was born an adult and has since grown up into a very stern child. She spends her time poking holes in things, singing what she sees, and tripping into waterfalls. She can often be found under the roofs of friends’ homes, in the halls of churches, or in the hearts of those who love and support her.

She seeks out new things and invisible worlds. She believes there is truth in every good story. Her journeys and the friends she has met along the way inspire her writing.