Come & See

April 2024

Hello Dear Readers,

Lots of updates lately. Some I won't share until more details are finalized. 

First, and foremost, I'm updating the website! I've been working on putting my values, mission and goals on paper, so the updates will hopefully reflect that. 

Second, I will likely not be uploading blog posts for the foreseeable future. There are many exciting things on the horizon and, unfortunately, there just won't be time to execute everything in my brain all at once. 

Third, I will be adding more short stories and other one-off pieces to The Trove! Take a look, if you haven't already.

Fourth, due to a recent epiphany, I believe I will be reworking my first book into a trilogy. Taking an expansive breath will hopefully allow this story to breathe a little easier, and I can flesh out my characters and story arcs much better.

Fifth, and finally, I will be posting more on social media. Specifically, I will be allowing people to get to know me more on social media. I am very apprehensive about this idea, but I'm hoping to get to know my audience, which I can't do if no one knows me.

Apologies for the long list of updates. May the rest of Lent be shorter!


M. J. Helianth

About the Author

I am a performer and artisan who wants to pull back the veil of the invisible. I want readers to suspend their reality in order to appreciate the objective and glorious reality beyond our physical senses. I value truth, humility and a sense of wonder, which I hope to convey to my readers through my blending of physical science with intangible fact.

Come with me, and see the world through this verdant lens!